How To Make Money Selling Sports Cards Online

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If you actively collect sports cards, then you likely realize there there is money to be made by selling them. There was a time when any sports card that was listed for sale would not only sell, but sell quickly. Today, you will need to know how to spot the best deals in order to make a nice profit when you sell sports cards online.

To get started, consider using eBay as your purchasing venue. With millions of sports cards listed each day, deals abound on this popular auction website. What you may discover initially is the the number of auction listings can be overwhelming. Do not let this deter you, as you will quickly learn how to find the best deals.

In order to make real money, you may need to deal in volume. Purchasing single cards can be quite time consuming, and may not be your best bet in terms of resell profits. Consider instead searching for card lots. Lots are cards that are grouped together and sold for one price. The value of these lots can be quite high in comparison to the price you pay, meaning that there is money to be made.

Not all lots will be money makers. Lots of common cards, such as those found in boxes and packs, will not be very valuable. These tend to only have value to those who are attempting to build sets. Instead, seek out lots that contain game used memorabilia cards, graded cards, autographed cards, or popular inserts and individually numbered parallels.

Game used cards can sell for high prices, as they contain an actual piece of jersey, bat, or any other material that was used in a game. The ability to own a piece of actual history draws collectors to these cards, and they are indeed willing to pay premium prices to obtain them. The same can be said of autographs, which have always been popular. Owning the actual signature of favorite players is highly desirable.

Graded cards are a worthy investment simply because there is no question as to what condition they are in. Higher grades demand higher prices. However, even lower grades are desirable as there is value in the grading itself, as well as the secure encapsulation that holds the card safely away from damage.

Once you start to purchase lots, you will quickly discover what excellent money makers they can be. Once you break them apart, each card can be listed individually on eBay, any of the other popular auction websites, or on websites such as Beckett. Beckett, which is responsible for the most reliable pricing guides, offers a easy to use section for buyers and sellers.

Team collectors may find the best of both worlds by buying lots of specific teams, pulling out their favorites, and selling the rest. You can indeed continue to build you own collection while at the same time make money selling sports cards. Some of the best sellers are also collectors, as the art of collecting will teach you lots about the sports card market.

Naysayers may tell you that the sports card and memorabilia business is not as profitable as it once was. The fact is that it certainly can be profitable if you make your initial purchases wisely. Purchasing lots that are filled with the most popular types of sports cards is indeed one of the most powerful money making strategies. You can find some of the best eBay sports card deals here: Sports Card Lots

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